Hamon House Party, May 1, 2010


The Ham 'n Eggs Brigade: 

Jim Hamon, guitar, zouk; Danny Flad, fiddle, guitar; Jeff Thomas, concertina; Jeff Willner, bodhran; Brandon Jeffery, tin whistle; Will Rourk, tenor banjo, Lucy Ann Goldberg, fiddle; David Scheim, harp

Green Groves of Erin.mp3

Lark in the Morning.mp3

Reverend Brother's Jig-Sean Ryan's.mp3

The Nightingale.mp3

Providence Reel-Cooley's-Mountain Road-Wise Maid.mp3

Geese in the Bog-Lilting Banshee-My Darling Asleep.mp3

Sporting Paddy-McFarley's Reel-Cup of Tea-Christmas Eve-Mountain Road.mp3