Hamon House Party, May 31, 2011


The annual house party at Jim and Amy Hamon's: 

Danny Flad, fiddle, guitar, vocal; Safia Yonker, fiddle; Jeff Thomas, concertina; Beanie Odell, fiddle; Vince Fogarty, bouzouki; David Scheim, harp; Lucy Ann Goldberg, fiddle; Lou ???, mandolin; Jim Hamon, guitar, whistles; Brandon Jeffery, whistles; Jeff Willner, bodhran.

Jim Donaghue's-Kitty's Gone a Milking-The Torn Jacket.mp3

The Old Bush-Jenny's Wedding.mp3

Jackie Coleman's-Martin Wynnes #2 - Dr. Gilbert.mp3

Geese in the Bog-Lilting Banshee-My Darling Asleep.mp3

Tommy Coen's - The Otter's Holt - Toss the Feathers.mp3