January, 2012

Jan. 6, 2012

Danny Flad, fiddle, guitars, vocal; David Scheim, harp; Tina Liza Jones, cittern, vocals; Eric Root, concertina; Lucy Ann Goldberg, fiddle, vocals; Safia Yonker, fiddle;  Jim Hamon, bouzouki, guitar, whistles, flute; Brandon Jeffery, whistles; Woody Mckenzie, fiddle; Marcia Mckenzie, whistles, flute; Jeff Willner, bodhran, guitar.

Joy of My Life-The Diplodocus (L. Carroll).mp3

Farewell to Whiskey.mp3

Patsy Geary's - The Swaggering Jig - Coleman's Cross.mp3

The Monaghan Jig.mp3