January, 2011


 January 20, 2011

All the newly returned Virginia Tech students were out in full force, so it was a lively, if noisy evening!

Danny Flad, fiddle, guitar, vocals; Jim Hamon, bouzouki, guitar, whistle, flute; David Scheim, harp; Lucy Ann Goldberg, fiddle; Brandon Jeffery, whistle; Safia Yonker, fiddle; Maggie Wilcox, feet; Zac ??, guitar; Jeff Willner, bodhran, guitar.

Download a zip archive of this month's tunes in .mp3 format

King of the Faeries-The Swallowtail Jig-The Fermoy Lasses.mp3

The Haunted House-Tobin's Favourite-Mac's Fancy.mp3

Flowers of Edinburgh-Miss McLeod's.mp3

Patsy Geary's - Coleman's Cross - French-Canadian tune.mp3

The Maid Behind the Bar-The Silver Spear.mp3

Woman of the House-The Banshee.mp3

The Concertina Reel-Drowsy Maggie-Pigeon on the Gate.mp3

McFarley's-The Morning Dew.mp3