January, 2012


Jan. 19, 2012

Danny Flad, fiddle, vocals; David Scheim, harp; Jim Hamon, bouzouki, whistle, flute, guitar; Safia Yonker, fiddle; Charles Reese, bodhran, vocals; Rebecca McCoy Reese, guitar; Lucy Ann Goldberg, fiddle, vocals; Jeff Willner, guitar, bodhran.

Download a zip archive of this month's tunes in mp3 format

Kerfunten-The Rolling Waves.mp3

Peggy Gordon.mp3

The Reel of Rio.mp3

The Golden Castle-Billy Malley's Schottishe.mp3

The Rainy Day-The Collier's Reel.mp3

The Frieze Britches.mp3

Mist on the Mountain.mp3